Take yourself Outside the Box and Peak Back Inside (Practicing Detachment)

Have a look around.

Sit at a cafe on a good street, and do some people watching.

Drive down a busy road where lots of people will be and doing things that people do; shopping, talking, chatting, and maybe flirting.

Have a look at everyone as they have their conversations, as they kiss, as they get in and out of their car and run from one place to the next.

Watch as they get into it, as they get contentious.  Watch as they’re bored, as they’re daydreaming, as they’re super über–focused, as they’re attached to an outcome.

Watch a man and a woman falling in love, a man and a woman falling apart.  It’s all happening around us all the time.
You’re a part of it too, though today, you’re the observer of them.  Be outside of it and just watch it, no judgment, just to see what it is.  Try to understand it from a different perspective.

Typically every day you’re inside of it, you’re part of it. You’re running from one place to the next, trying to get something you don’t have, something you want. It could be running after a beautiful girl, a wonderful job, a beautiful life, but when you step outside of it and you look back, what you gain is perspective. And with that perspective you will get the answer that I’m trying to lead you to. To have a slight detachment of it all, a slight detachment of worldly things.

Not a full–on detachment, though. It’s not that you don’t care anymore for life or things that we may want to achieve, but a slight detachment. A detachment enough that you’re good without it. A detachment enough that gives you the ability to see things in perspective. And if you can do that, then when you go back inside the box, you have a little bit of enlightenment.  You have a new light about you, a new way — an infusion of depth that goes into everything you do.

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