Men – Why You Need To Be Beautiful

Beauty is not a word often attributed to men, and it’s not something men often aspire to.

More often, adjectives like hard worker, tough, strong, smart, sharp, sincere.  These are things men can aspire to be — rich, wealthy, a provider, a good man, etc.

We might say it about something we see in nature, when we look in a baby’s eyes, or a great work of art. We most certainly are obsessed with the beauty of women, her hair, her eyes, those lips, her legs, her ass. The way she moves and talks…”She is so Beautiful!”

But what about us?

What about us men?

Can’t we be beautiful too?

Well I say…you ought to be.

If we want an amazing life, we must become amazing. If we want truly soulful and beautiful women in our lives, then we ourselves must become beautiful. We must come to know our very essence as beautiful and emanate it outward.

When we understand attraction at its core, it literally means to pull to us. And what are we pulling to us?

It’s what we’re putting out.

So if we’re putting out harshness and toughness and anger, that’s pretty much what we’re going to get back into our lives.

How can I become one with a lovely, sincere beautiful creature if I’m not that at my very core, also!?

This doesn’t mean dress up in high heels, smatter lipstick, and act overly effeminate. :  )

It means nurture, cultivate, and honor yourself as a beautiful light in the world and emanate it outward.

Today, walk around and be beautiful from the inside out.

Imagine your very essence; your very core is so beautiful, so bright, that when people look at it they’re in awe. When they see you and look into your eyes, they see true beauty.

Today, give yourself affirmations that revolve around you being beautiful. Your thoughts are beautiful, your actions are beautiful, and your touch is beautiful. Your essence is beautiful.
Your words, however they come out of your mouth, they’re beautiful. The way you affect other people is beautiful.

People look at you in awe; all they can express is, “That man is beautiful.”

Today, expect beauty to come into your life in every form. The people you meet, every little experience you have, beauty is coming to you.

Expect in the near future that a woman is going to come into your life and she will be beautiful, not just on the outside, but from the inside out.

Tell the women you meet today what’s beautiful about them.

Remind yourself how purely beautiful you are, and only the highest level of beauty can come to you. Only the highest level of beauty will match you.

To True Beauty,


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