The Art of Settling In

Most men go into hunting mode when they want to meet a women.They walk around the bar, the streets, the cafes, wherever they are with a feeling of eminent lack. They are Seeking and Searching. They are in essence empty and looking for something to fill the void.

We have all been there. We seek to find companionship to end the hunger and loneliness.
But something happens in your search; You slip into a world of lack. You emit an energy of lack and sometimes it gets even worse you fall prey to desperation.
Do you know the world worst Cologne?
“Desperation” ; )
It literally does the opposite it repels the very women you are wanting to connect with.
As you walk around trying to get something you miss all the opportunities to enjoy the people around you and the places you are.
In This Video I teach you The Art of Settling In. It’s an important lesson on your path to become a powerful connector.

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