There Is No “One Day” (Remove the Obstacle)

There is no “One Day”.

There is only what is happening right now and what you want and what’s in the way.

What’s in the way, usually is some barrier you put up in your mind. For example, let’s say right now you don’t have the best living situation, you don’t have like a big fat pad on a hill in the mountains or your own place in the city.

Let’s say you’re in that situation and now you’re on a date and you don’t have anywhere to bring the girl. So you put it in your mind – well there’s no where I can bring girls, I can’t really date them, I can’t take them back to my parents or my place is a dump or whatever and it stops you from even saying hello. Or stops up from going further as far on the date as you should, as you could.

You put these barriers in your mind… so remove them.

Don’t let their be one day. That’s our biggest stopping point, the One Day Disease.

It goes something like this – one day I’ll have my own apartment then Ill have everything I want, then I’ll bring girls home, then I’ll do that. It’s like, look — dam it I didn’t clean my place so I’m not going to bring her home or I didn’t do this, I didn’t do that so I’m not going to talk to her because I didn’t go to the gym this week. When I get — you know I’m not going to
talk to this beautiful woman now but one day when I have that awesome job and I’m making millions on dollars with an awesome apartment, then I can talk to her.

You made that up. She didn’t.

You can talk to her right now, you can take her on a date right now and you can figure out a way for you guys to be intimate somewhere right now too. All those things you can solve, today right now. There is no one day.

Lets Say you have, like many of my clients, succeeded and created great wealth and purpose for yourself. However, now you find some new barrier to put in your way before you take control of the most important area of your life; what you truly want.  You put some new goal that must be achieved before what you really desire.


You must directly deal with it.  You must talk to women.  You must flirt with women. You develop relationships with women.

But even more importantly is  YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO YOUR SELF!

The world is filled with rich guys who can not connect with women, and muscle heads, and funny men.

They all did it to lay it at the feet of women!

Yet they avoided dealing with there fragile egos the whole way through. There is only way to become one with the flow and that is to go through the process of DIRECTLY meeting and connecting with women everyday.

So all there is, is you, your desire and something’s in the way. All you have to do is just remove the something in the way.

Overcoming the obstacles and challenges before us is life’s greatest excitement. Find ways to make it a fun challenge to overcome it.

There is today,


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