On to the Next Suffering

Let’s have a look at our lives, our day to day. We strive for some great experience, craving it. Desiring it. Yearning for it.

Finally got it!!!!

Aannndddd before you know it…

You’re on to the next suffering!

You finally got what you always wanted, that very thing or experience you couldn’t wait to have, and almost instantly, there’s a new suffering! Now that you are here in this circumstance, your sad that you can’t be there in that other circumstance.  Oh life.  You finally met the most beautiful, kind, loving person in the world.  She’s amazing! But she’s not that girl over there.  Now you can’t be with that other girl and you can tell she wants you.  Oh the Suffering.

This is a constant disease, one that we all have.

Buddha put it best; life is suffering.

But it’s really the longing, the wondering, the desiring that we’re so programmed to do that often stops us from enjoying our lives.  We’re so used to chasing, striving, looking to get to the future, or to some new place, that we often forget that we really never learn how to have what we have. How to experience what we have.  How to revel in what we have, how to be with what we have.

Ask yourself now, have you ever really stopped and enjoyed what you have, what you have right now; the friends you have, the girlfriend or boyfriend you have, the life that you have, the place that you live, the city that you live in, or are you always trying to get to that next place, that better place that will make you happy?  Have you been spending a lifetime chasing?  Chasing to get an education, chasing to get the right job, chasing to get the right body, hair, shoes, status in life, the right girl, etc.?

You are not alone.

Today, make a conscious choice to enjoy this moment; To love this life that you have right now;  To experience what you have right now.

Enjoy having what you have.

Because before you know it, you’ll be on to the next suffering.

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