She’s Like A Rainbow and Yet You Make Her Grey

So Many guys miss the moment when attempting to connect with a women. They are so focused on the outcome that the girl before them just becomes a way to “get what he wants”. Of course, any self aware girl can feel this and it repels her.  So he rarely ever does get what he wants.  He then falls into frustration and even despair. Has this ever happened to you?

When this is happening you are being driven by your ego in an attempt to prove your self worth by getting validation from others.

Yes, I know…you are like “John, I just wanted to learn how to meet women. Why all this psychology?”. Well, because I see it everyday with my clients. They come to me stuck and suffering in this trap.

They literally have become like “a terminator”. Everything is “what can I get?”. They miss the joy of the moment and they have lost touch with a “deep instinct to connect” on every level. Have You ever felt this way?

When you learn to move into “Instinct” and operate from a place of giving and sharing you will discover a new way; a new life.  Suddenly, the world turns from black and white to a full on rainbow.

You learn to appreciate each women for who she is. You revel in each exchange no matter the outcome, as a Victory.
You stop complaining about “what isn’t” and you start “loving what is”. Would you like to feel that way? Then Watch This Video : )

Looking forward,


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