The Little Dictator Inside Your Mind

We live in a politically correct world, that has for the past several years gotten even more and more extreme.

To the point where a lot of people are scared to say anything to another person or express how they feel, in fear that they’ll insult someone; Out of fear that they will be condemned by the person they’re talking to or someone somewhere in the world.

Its to the point where it’s like a fascist kind of thing.

Even if we don’t live in a fascist society, we have a little fascist dictator in our head. He can be editing us and telling us that we’re not allowed to feel what we’re feeling, and we’re not allowed to say what we’re thinking.

What could be worse than that?

There are cameras everywhere. In the hallway of your home, on just about every street, and now even through our phones and computers. The effect of all this security is chilling on the human psyche. The Feeling it leaves you with is “I am being Watched. I better edit my actions and “act normal” not just in front of people but even when I am alone”. Now you have a voice between you and your instincts. An editor if you will. Once that happens you are disempowered; disconnected. This condition of fear gives rise to the little dictator inside your mind.

This little dictator in our head stops a lot of us from connecting with other people, and actually breaks the bond we have with ourselves to live a fully actualized self-expressed life.

It’s really important that we become aware of this little dictator, and of course like all dictators, he’s fooled us into thinking we need him. That he’s here for our best interest.

The fact is we don’t need him and he’s not serving us in any way at all.

He’s oppressing you.

The Way Out

Today, become aware that you have a little dictator controlling you. Awareness is always the first and most important step to change.

Today, when you are having conversations “let it fly”. When you are engaged with another say what you see and say what you feel. It sounds so simple but most people don’t do it. They have this little manipulative man making every decision and editing everything. Therefore, there can hardly be a genuine connection with the other person.

There is only one way out. When you see something, say something.  When you feel something say something.

When?  As soon as you see it.

When?  As soon as you feel it.

Not for later, not for a minute from now, because that is manipulation and living in fear.

Your intention is not to rile people up or to insult them, Your intention is to reclaim your true self and make real honest connections.

Warning: You might insult someone. You could upset them. Someone might not like you. And Guess what, not everyone should.

Chances are, you won’t really insult anyone but rather you will feel a real sense of self and freedom.

Chances are, you will forge greater relationships and deeper connections than you have ever experienced in your life.

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