Are You A Visionary?

Do you have a vision for your life?

For your dating life, for your relationship life, what do you want to experience and why do you want to experience it?  Is it just some general feeling of discontent?  The feeling that I don’t have what I want?

Most of us walk around feeling like that, and it’s really just a simple matter of stepping into having what you want.  You have to imagine what you want, and let yourself feel what it’s like to have what you want.

A lot of times, we get stuck in our heads saying, “Well I can’t have that, I can’t do that, I didn’t come from the same place as these people.”  And then, we kind of go about our simple lives and our major struggles.What’s interesting is the more you start being fearless in your vision, and letting yourself dream what you want to dream and following the path before you, in many ways, the less struggles you will have.

It’s inspiration that rules the day.  It cools you off, it lifts you up, it carries you through, and man I have seen it over and over and over again in my own life and the other people I know who live an inspired life.  The universe conspires to help you achieve your vision, not stop you.

So one of the major steps you need to take is to close your eyes and let it flood in. Start writing down everything you ever wanted to have, or do, or be in your life, and write about it.  Write a list of those things, and keep doing it. Don’t stop at anything.  This is just for you.  You don’t have to share it with anyone just yet.  In time you’ll share it with the world.

A lot of people have visions, but the people around us, our immediate people that we know, they sometimes become a block. As Eminem says, being a visionary is scary, and it scares the people around you because they’re used to the life that they have, and they’re not taking the risks they need to take in order to move beyond. So they’ve given into the mediocre. They’ve given into the status quo.  They’ve given in to this definition of life that was given to them, and whenever the time came to take risks, they didn’t.
So that’s what they’re used to.  Expect that the people around you might not be that nurturing, including your own parents or your own best friends.  Expect it, and forgive them for it, and then keep moving forward.  Create the vision that you want to live out, and make that life a reality.

So think of your wildest dreams, and think of the most beautiful woman you can imagine, and not just a pretty woman. Imagine a beautiful, kind, caring, loving, understanding, nurturing, playful, spontaneous, woman that adores you and you adore.

Think about her, and feel.

Allow yourself to feel what it would be like to spend a day with her.  To have her look at you and say all the beautiful things you would want her to say to you.  This is just the beginning of visions.  And every time you’re feeling like your heart hurts or you’re feeling the pains of not having what you want, slow down and stop.
Every time you feel the pangs of not having, slow down, stop and just remember what your vision is. Maybe it’s just the smallest part of that vision, the simplest thing you can grasp on to.

Maybe it’s sitting in a cafe on a sunny day in another country or a different part of the country. Maybe it’s talking with a beautiful woman. Maybe it’s wearing really awesome clothes and a really cool pair of boots that fit you like they were poured onto you. Maybe it’s having a non-stop round-trip ticket to the world, anytime, anywhere you want. Maybe it’s people calling you, telling you what an awesome job you did.

Whatever it is you want to be receiving accolades for, allow yourself to feel what it feels like to have that. The more you do that, the more you’ll start living that story out in reality.


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