Dating Tips: The Seinfeld Principle

All the characters on Seinfeld love to pick people apart to the smallest levels. We love to watch them for it and laugh.

Following this principle in real life is not so funny though. I meet many men who dissect women into many parts and constantly find whats wrong with them. They look for all the reasons not talk to her. She’s got “man hands” , “her head is to big” ” she talks funny” “she’s to old or to young”. The list is never ending. I could actually write a 1000 page book of all guys excuses.

It goes even deeper and gets even worse than that. Many men take it to new levels and use it never have real intimacy with a women. When they do get into a relationship they find all her faults and focus in on them, instead of all the great things about her.

In the end they become more like Goerge, in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction. Watch this video, have a good laugh and learn a new way.

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