Appreciating Where You Stand: Finding The Beauty in Everything



The Core of Attraction is Appreciation.

Many people are to busy trying to get somewhere to really appreciate where they are. I meet many a man who’s trained himself to look around and see what he doesn’t like about the situation. Why he’s not satisfied with life.

They look at themselves and find fault and are more often than not completely ignorant of whats happening around them. They don’t even notice their surroundings. They are to busy over analyzing everything and being stuck in their head to discover the beauty that surrounds them.

When he sees a beautiful women he is stopped in his tracks and for a brief moment he finds himself in a state of appreciation. He tunes into her femininity, the way she walks, her body, her eyes, her energy. But it is a fleeting state of appreciation. Moments later it turns to the pain of not having and then self loathing from not having taken the risk to meet her.

In this video I teach you how to discover the beauty in everything. How to look around you, wherever you are and train yourself to see the beauty in it. When you do that your vibe goes from zero to high and you become beautiful too.

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PS. Im wrapping my european tour up now. It’s been pretty awesome seeing the world and helping people see the world in a new way.

PSS. The 5 day Transformation Course is July 15th – 19th in NYC. There is one space left. I expect it to be full by the end of the day. https://theawakenedlifestyle.com/coaching-for-men/amazing-5-day-course/If you are interested respond immediately.

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