Law of Attraction and Meeting Women

What a lot of men fail to realize, in there quest to meet the ultimate women,  is that it’s not all about doing.

They’ll run around all day, every day, chasing and exhausting themselves.

While some other guy will focus on being more chill, cool, and relaxed, and he’ll do what he can when it’s time.
This is actually where we want to get to, and this is where the law of attraction comes in, where you start pulling things to yourself, and stop pushing them away.

Think of it like this.

Yes, you have to learn how to say hi to her; yes, you have to learn how to break the ice; yes, you want to learn how to express yourself and engage someone else; and yes, you want to learn how to really get to know her and make her feel good about herself.

You want to learn to discern who you like, who would be fun, and who wouldn’t. You learn all of those things, of course, and the only way you could learn it is by doing. The law of attraction is more about your frequency, the energy that you’re resonating on. That’s all coming from your beliefs, what you believe about yourself, and what you feel about yourself.

Lets examine it from a financial point of view.  A lot of people go around and Do way more than others who are making millions of dollars. Someone making $40,000 will work 30 times harder than someone making $2 million. Isn’t that interesting?

It might even seem baffling, but it’s not. Not when you understand It’s all about what frequency they’re vibrating on; what their beliefs are about work, money, and energy; and what their beliefs are about themselves.

You’ve got to go in and you’ve got to dig deep to get that shit out of there. Unplug yourself.  You’ve got to go in there literally and in every way cleanse.

  It’s tied to your beliefs, you got to get the toxins out of your body, out of your mind, out of your spirit, out of your emotional center. You must release all of that; empty yourself of these beliefs.

Let go of what isn’t you. What isn’t you is what doesn’t serve you.

Then you become clearer and purer, and then you’ve got a clearer and purer of vision of your life, and a clearer and purer vision of the moment.  And then you will start pulling things to you on a higher frequency.

Right now, you might not see a lot of amazing things happen, but I bet you see a lot of the same things happening all the time, or negative things happen.

  Today become aware of lower scales of the emotional range coursing through you. Anger, rage, despair, depression, comparison, jealousy, resentment, etc.

Make a conscious choice…to feel the higher emotions on the higher scale.  Appreciation, love, inspiration, creation, aspirations, giving, achieving, allowing, smiling, complimenting, content, relaxing, being okay, feeling good, etc…

In these places, you’ll see that your life will change. Serendipity will happen, amazing events will occur, beautiful loving women and experiences you formerly thought reserved for someone else will be yours. It’s far more about learning about how to “Be” than it is learning how to “Do.”

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