How To Find An Amazing Girlfriend -She Needs To get This One Thing


In This Video I talk about the importance of qualifying to find an amazing girlfriend. When you bring a women into your life its important to make sure she has the qualities that will make for an amazing girlfriend. Its important that she understand your humor in a relationship. If she doesn’t you will always feel alienated and misunderstood. Humor is how we deal with the stresses of life. It’s how we connect on a deeper level with her. If she doesn’t get it she will not only not be an amazing girlfriend, she will become a major source of frustration.

The people we invite into our lives will define the quality of our life experience. We really want to get great at qualification. Qualification mean to screen or filter someone based on qualities or traits that you like and appreciate. So In screening for the most amazing girlfriend of all time, you really need to be good at knowing what it is you want and if she doesn’t match those qualities you have to let her go.

At lot of time people settle for less because the person has some of the qualities they like but thats a huge mistake. When you do that, inevitably it will come out in the relationship and cause tension that probably will never be solved. Why? Because she doesn’t really get the fundamental way you see the world. Why would you chose a girlfriend that doesn’t understand your humor?

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