Get A Girlfriend Series: Warning: It only takes One


Often in our quest to get a girlfriend that will bring real joy and happiness into our lives, we often fall short. Most of us meet a girl somewhere somehow. She likes us and we have some fun times and we jump in without really properly qualifying her. In short, we have our blinders on. We only see what we want to see. What we see is perfect vision of a women who is different from all others.  We put her on a pedastal.  Everyting seems great.  There are a few little things but it was just a bad moment you tell yourself.  In those first weeks or months you might even start giving your friends advice on how to get a girlfriend that will make his life whole too. But before you know it there is a crack in the dream of your perfect relationship. It can start off a small complaints and soon after she is berating you or emasculating you. You go down a rabbit hole of low self esteem that could take years to recover. This is a mild example of what happens when you don’t properly qualify her.  In this installment of my how to get a girlfriend series I give you a strong warning that it only takes one.  I remend you about the importance of qualification and creating options in your life.

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