Mindset Shift: From Anxiety to Excitement

When you see a women you desire to have in your life a sudden surge of energy courses through your viens. Your heart races and your pupils dialte as to set you in motion to do what must be done. Your instinct is strong and it tells you make a connection with that women.

But then a little man in your head who I like to call “the interpreter” begins to bring all the reasons why you should not say hi to her. In his effort to protect you he labels the energy coursing through your body as FEAR. You believe him and so quickly your excitement over the possiblity of alighning with a beautiful women turns into paralyzing fear. The dreaded Apprach Anxiety.

When we really take responsibiblity for our lives we realize we have control over “the interpreter”. We have trained him to see everything as negative and now we can retrain him to interpret events in the best possible light. In this video I give you a mindset shift…from anxiety to excitement!

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