The One Who Got Away and The Peaceful Mind

“If I only knew then what I know now!” “What if I did things differently”. “What If I didn’t say that”. “What if I just tried one more time”. The one who got away and the regret that follows. It’s important to cultivate a practice of seizing opportunity. It will make you a more present person and fill your life with amazing experiences that you desire.

But not everyting we want will go our way and its hard to let go of someone you really loved. It’s hard to let go of an experience you really desired. It can you in an obsessive spin over “the one who got away”.
Ultimetely, you want to have a peaceful mind. It really must be your highest priority. When you do have a peaceful mind everyting else in your life falls into place. You will be able to go with the flow of life instead of resisting it. When you resist it, life kind of beats the shit out of you. When you go its flow you sometimes find yourself in strange and unusual places and always on adventure.
Its so important to embrace the idea that life could have happened no other way. The only thing you could have done in the past is what you did. You can only learn and make new choices in the future. So your next love won’t be the one who got away. Watch this video and learn more …

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