Vibe Killer: Never Ask A Women This Question!

This one question is a vibe killer.  Whenever a man ask it, it inevitable turns the women off and basically brings the conversation to a screeching halt.  It reveals his one track mind and his lack of real desire to get know her as a person.  Instead it tells her he just wants an outcome.  He just wants validation.

That question is “do you have a boyfriend?” or some variation of it.  Once you ask it, the answer somehow is always yes.  Ive seen many guys do this.  I’ve even seen the so called “pros” do it.

It really demonstrates that the guy isn’t really intersted in getting to know the women and everyting is about a bottom line. He want’s a phone number, a date, to get laid, a hot girlfriend, etc.

Whats wrong with asking the question john?  First and foremost its lazy, it lacks artistry, and empathy.  For you the goal should always be to care more about the process than the outcome.  You should really want to get to know her and find out who she is and see if there really can be something between you.  If she has a boyfriend or not has nothing to do with the vibe and connection between the two of you.

Your job it explore the vibe between you and her and facilate the possibilty of a connection between you.

In this video, I go much further into it.

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