The Power Of Now and Dating (The Podcast)

When I first began my personal journey to transcend my limiting beliefs, lacking circumstance, and dismal dating life I discovered The Power of Now.  From the second I laid eyes on it I knew it was for me.

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I knew that I was trapped in an incessant stream of thinking that was making me unhappy and keeping me from being who I was really was.  I didn’t just read the book, I inhaled it.  I listened it to it on audio night and day and over and over.   I didn’t look at as a book but a way of life.  I aspired to embody  Eckarte Tolles Teachings.  Sometimes I would get mad when I listened to The Power of Now and sometimes sad and often I discovered a deep feeling of joy and self acceptance.  Ultimately, the teachings within the book lead me on a path that freed me from my limiting beliefs and guided me to trancend my circumstance.

Becoming present wasn’t my only desire though.  I was living in New York City, the city of drive and achievement, and  I wanted worldy things like success in my career.  I wanted to be able to engage interesting people in conversations, make connections, and date beautiful women.  So I took to the streets and high status gatherings and used the Teaching of The Power of Now to transcend my anxiety and fears. I taught myself, through trial and error, the art of the connection.  On my journey i discoverd “a way” to connect effortlessy with anyone in any situation.   I call it “The Social Practice”.  I became friends with famous people and great leaders of all walks of life.  I talked To Tens of Thousands of women in every possible sitaution from the street, subway, supermarket, art gallery, wherever.  I dated some of the worlds most attractive and interesting women.  I Fell in love, broke hearts, and had my heart broken.  In short, I went on a real world journey of self discovery and got to expeirnce what I longed to desire!   The most important thing I attained was self acceptance and self love.

Listen to this one of a kind podcast.  I know for sure you will not here anything like this anywhere else…

A Truly Unique Perspective http://castig.org/john-keegan-dating-coach-power-of-now-dating-in-new-york-city/

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