Instincts Vs Agenda

We have natural instincts to connect with other people. We have a natural instinct to express ourselves. We have a natural instinct to make our points of view heard and understood by others. In fact, if our points of view aren’t heard and understood, and we’re in a relationship, we feel really bad about ourselves and it causes tension, friction, fighting, and ultimately you’re relationship becomes extraordinarily toxic, or will come to an end.
These are our instincts. This is who we are. We are social animals. We want to express ourselves. We have an instinct to talk to women. We have an instinct to get to know women, to hold women, to have sex with women, to embrace them, to kiss them, and to love them.
We have an instinct and we have to follow it. We have sexual instincts, you look at a girl’s body and you’re like, god, you almost feel pain by not having her. It’s your instinct of millions or zillions of years of evolution coming through. It can’t be socialized out of you. I mean, they might try, but it can’t be done; not if we’re human, not if we’re fully human and we’re connected.
But here’s the difference between following your instincts and following an agenda or pushing an agenda on someone else.
The ego is agenda.
The agenda says I got to get a girl’s phone number, I’ve got to get laid, I have to get ten phone numbers today, I have to get 20 dates this month, that’s an agenda. I have to get this girl’s phone number that I’m talking to, no matter what happens. No matter what she says, no matter what she does, no matter how unattractive she may be, I got to get her number. That’s an agenda. But your instincts have a different thing going on.
It’s like your instincts literally have an attraction to a girl, like there’s something about the way she moves, her femininity, the words she says, her openness, and it pulls you in and allures you and you work off of that. And so, there’s a difference between working off of that and being compelled to tell your friends the great story of the girl you had sex with last night or the number of women you have slept with. That’s all ego, that’s all agenda.
And women, in–tune women, women with their instincts sharp and refined, they can tell when a man has an agenda and agendas are repelling. They’re not human. They disconnect you. They’re not authentic. They don’t really care about the other person. The other person’s just an object, just a way to feed your ego. Just a way to try to build your self esteem and it’s not a good way.
So there’s the difference between instincts and agenda, and it’s a fine line. Be careful which side you’re on.

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