Two Simple Formulas That Will Transform Your Dating Life

One of the biggest challenges when meeting new people is getting out of own way.

Most of us guys get stuck in our head and over analyze the reasons why not to talk to the girl we are interested.

For some of us its absolutely debilitating!

We know that we have it in us to date the amazing women we see around us all day.  Yet our inaction keeps us stuck in place.

Over my many years of being a social and dating coach,  I have created a system that leads out of your head and right into the talking to beautiful women!

The two videos below were filmed live in a NYC Bookstore while I was coaching a private 1 one 1 client.

I explain two simple formulas: one with the power to transform your confidence and your dating life;

one with the power to keep you stuck for the rest of your life!


PS.  The process I share with you is the very process that has lead me date and make deep connections with the worlds most desirable women!

PSS. contact me now to work with me.  I only work a limited amount of men throughout the year.  Go here and fill out my evaluation form and I will personally get back to you: https://theawakenedlifestyle.com/dating-coaching-for-men/

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