Raison D’Être – The Reason For Being

Life can be confusing, distracting, and leave you feeling like you are in a constant state of struggle.
Do you experience self-doubt?
Do you often berate yourself?
Are you in your head all day?
Do you talk yourself out of all the things you really want to do?
Do you often feel like your best life eludes you?
It’s easy for us to get lost in our day to day obligations and stuck in the life we are currently living.
If you are like me, you know that there is a version of yourself that is an incredible human being.  You know, deep down, that you have the power within you to create that version of yourself.  I know you do too.  That’s why The Awakened Lifestyle is all about!  It’s about unlocking your full potential!  The greatest gift the work we will do together will bring is unleashing the natural connector within you.

In order to live a truly great life, we must align with our purpose!

I don’t mean like our day to day chores. For example: “my purpose is to go to my tech job and make lots of money”.  “My purpose is to get “paid and get laid”. I don’t mean “my purpose is to get married and make babies”.
I am talking about your deepest purpose.  You’re very reason for being!  In French, they call it your “raison d’etre”!  In this video, I explore our reason for being!  When we tune into it every mountain in the world can be moved!  When we live our lives by our deepest purpose we become who really are and shed all that we are not!
John, aren’t you a dating coach?  How does this help me meet women?  How does it help me become more social?  How does it help me get an amazing girlfriend who will really love and appreciate me?  My answer, I can teach you lots of skills but to become your most attractive version you must get to your core.  Then flirting with strangers, making connections, and finding love will flow to you effortlessly!
Looking forward,


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