Hi Guys,
Maybe you are making this mistake too?

I spent so many of years of my life chasing an illusion.  I Kept waiting for the day for this magical thing everyone talks about to appear.  Sometime i would get glimpses but then it would disappear.  It was several years into my seduction journey that I realized I’m chasing an illusion.

Once that light bulb went on, everything changed for me; forever!  I want to share it with you now…

Looking forward,


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1 thought on “The Confidence Illusion”

  1. For myself, the thing that I use is that.
    When I feel the fear, the apprehension, I accept to feel that feeling. It’s alright. It’s good. It make me feel human.
    And then, with this feeling of fear, I still go and do the action step.
    I have develop a habit of doing it, that’s it, period. Whatever my state, whatever my feelings. I accept them, and act.
    It’s good to be free 😉

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