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Are you so busy trying to be the “nice guy” or the “good guy” that you are actually becoming A CREEP!?  In the failed and fatal attempt to do and behave in a way that you think is “right” you completely disconnect from your own instincts and desires.  As nature would have it you also disconnect from women.  You become your own worst nightmare and hers too; The CREEP!

Watch this video and learn the way out.

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2 thoughts on “Why Nice Guys Are The Real Creeps”

  1. Hey John,Thank you for all the help in videos,I’m 50 ,can u recommend a decent way for me to start over approaching again?Leo

    1. yes! First thing is don’t let your age define you or stop you from being exactly who you want to be. You don’t have to play a role of what you thing your age should be. You know what you want. You want to connect with yourself and the beautiful women of the world and have some kind of relationship! The first step is to go outside and say hi to strangers. If you feel stuck contact me…

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