How to successfully detach yourself from the outcome

As you may well be aware, the sun is shining, the bees are buzzing and women’s eyes are beaming with desire. Spring is here!

So much energy is in the air you may feel overwhelmed from it. Let me give you a secret that helps you begin and makes flirting fun.

I’m talking about detachment; letting go of the need for an outcome.

Detaching from an outcome is a powerful concept that has been taught in many spiritual traditions. It is the idea of letting go of our attachment to specific outcomes and results, and instead focusing on the process and being present in the moment. When we detach from the outcome, we are free from the stress and pressure that come with trying to control the results of our actions.

In my Mastery Course I teach men how this concept is especially important because it allows us to be authentic and true to ourselves. When we are too focused on achieving a particular outcome, like desperately trying to get a date this Friday night, we can lose sight of who we really are and what is truly important to us. We may start to act in ways that are not genuine or authentic, ie. being needy or “mr. nice guy” in order to achieve the desired result.

Detaching from the outcome allows us to focus on the journey instead of just the destination. Focusing on going outside of ourselves and saying hello to a woman we are drawn to just for the sake of doing it. There is a real power in that. We can be fully present in the moment, which allows us to connect more deeply with ourselves and with her. We can act from a place of authenticity, and our intentions will come from a genuine place. And the women we interact with will feel this, let their guard down and be open to flirting.

However, detaching from the outcome does not mean that we do not care about the results of our actions. It simply means that we do not place all of our value and worth in achieving a specific result. For example, “I need to go get 5 phone numbers today… I need to get laid… I need to get a girlfriend…”. When we focus on the outcome it always leads us to a place of frustration. Instead, we focus on the joy of every part of the process. The adrenaline pumping through our veins as we step up to the plate to say hi.

There’s a million voices that flood to our head: Go home! Stop! You’re not good enough! I just want to go home and hide under mommy’s bed!”. But the feeling of exhilaration when you transcend the resistance is high like no other.

When we detach from the outcome, we become more open-minded and flexible. We are not so focused on a specific result that we are unable to see other possibilities or opportunities that may arise; like she may be ready for a tea date right now. We are able to adapt and adjust as needed, which allows us to navigate challenges and obstacles more easily.

Moreover, when we detach from the outcome, we become more resilient. We are not so tied to a specific result that we are crushed when things do not go as planned. We are able to bounce back from setbacks and failures because we know that our worth and value are not tied to achieving a specific outcome. Instead we find joy in our smallest victories by learning the process of reframing. These are the effects I see in all my Mastery Course clients when they finally embrace this concept. It’s as if they can breathe for the first time.

I’ll leave you with this, detaching from the outcome is an essential concept for men who want to be authentic and true to themselves. Coincidentally, these are the qualities the world’s most beautiful, interesting and attractive women are looking for in men. Detachment allows us to focus on each step of the process of meeting and connecting with women. It puts us in the state of being super present in the moment, which leads to greater connection and increases her desire to see you again.

Detaching from the outcome is an essential practice for creating your ultimate social and dating life. If you’re ready to challenge yourself and transform your dating life you’re in luck. I have a few remaining spots for my free consultation call available. Book your place and schedule a call now.


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