The Right Way To Approach A Women

Initial body language when approaching a women

It’s important to have your body language facing outwards, not boxing her in, not going straight up to her face to face no matter how you start. Your body language should communicate that you’re going to walk away, reassuring her, as a total stranger, that you’re not locking her in for 20 minutes. No matter how attracted or flattered she may be, you must give her a chance to learn more about you before expecting a commitment of her time. Initially approaching head on and face-to-face will trigger her to put up walls. Our job in this stage is to bring walls down, to remove barriers so that we can allow an attraction to arise and a connection to occur. Always remind yourself to have your feet facing sideways or outwards, or maybe just turn your head in at first when you initiate a conversation, as if you’re going to be walking away in a moment. It doesn’t really quite matter what you say – whether you’re just asking for directions or telling her she’s the most beautiful specimen that’s ever graced the face of the Earth – give her the space to enter the interaction on her terms.

John Keegan



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