Her Body Language

A woman will give you some basic signs that she’s enjoying the interaction.  If she’s laughing a lot, playing with her hair, being receptive, or asking any questions whatsoever, you can rest assured that she’s feeling comfortable enough to keep the interaction going. But there’s no need to constantly be looking for these signs of approval from her.  In fact, one of the key mistakes that guys make is looking for these signals, known as indicators of interest, from women.

The problem that I find with most guys who have an anxiety about approaching or talking to women is that as they are looking for these indicators of interest; they fall into the pattern  of seeking approval which is the absolute worst thing you can do. You automatically lose yourself and become less attractive, and usually find the one negative indicator in her body language that will stop them in their tracks. They will notice a roll of an eye, or her turning away, and then they will just walk away to get themselves out of the interaction.  This is a bad practice.  I never look for indicators of interest, but they all come up.

John Keegan



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