Her Eye Contact and The Absolute Strongest Frame You Can Have

Her Eye Contact

If you’re ever talking to a girl and she’s looking down a lot, or having a hard time looking you in the eye, you can assume that she’s shy.  Unless she walks away, or tells you to get away, which should not be happening so much, it’s a safe bet that she’s just shy and you should take that as a positive thing.  Move forward to disarm her and make her feel comfortable enough to come out and play.  Many beautiful women are shy, especially in these initial social interactions when they don’t know someone. Also, you might be surprised to find that, in her timidity, she looks up to you as a man of high value.  The best thing you can do is assume that she’s shy, rather than be abrasive or think she’s not interested.  Affirm and validate her, or even playfully call her out on her shyness, if her guard’s up.  If you are reading this chapter, you may also have experienced shyness in your life and can relate.  It’s absolutely acceptable and can be quite endearing for you to say, “You know what, I can be shy sometimes, too, and what I’ve found is that most shy people, once they feel comfortable around someone, once they get to know someone, they’re usually the life of the party and they’re very creative people.   Is that true about you?”  This builds a connection, disarms her further, makes her feel understood, and might just allow her to open up and join in on the conversation so that you can get to know each other more.

John Keegan



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