The Tale of Icy and Sot: A Secret of The Universe

The Tale of Icy and Sot

“Two men look through bars. One saw the dirt, and the other saw the stars.”-Dale Carnegie

Where’s your vision focusing?

Where would you like it to be?

I’m walking down the street here in my favorite neighborhood, SoHo, enjoying some of its many paintings on walls, a.k.a. street art. One of them that always strikes me is on the corner of Sullivan and Prince.

It’s called Icy and Sot.

It’s got a painting of an adolescent, who looks real nerdy, and he’s got a pair of glasses on. His glasses, however, have two DO NOT symbols slashed across them. Everywhere he looks he sees through the eyes of fear.


How about you? Do you have DO NOT symbols across your eyes?
Every time you see a beautiful girl, you look at her and you’d say, oh, she’s beautiful. Then you’d say no. No, don’t bother her, do not disturb.  Do not go up to her. Do not, do not, do not.
Then you finally do muster up the guts to go talk to her, but then you say to yourself, “Do not continue.” You talk to her for 10 minutes, and then say to yourself, “Do not ask her out.” You find a million reasons such as, because she’s sitting down. Do not talk to her because she has a friend with her. Do not talk to her because she’s reading. Do not talk to her because I’m not rich enough, because I’m not tall enough, because I’m not good enough. Do not, do not, do not, do not. Do not talk to her because I’m scared of rejection.

That’s the picture of Icy, the kid with the DO NOT signs on his glasses.

Then he’s got his brother. His name’s Sot. Sot’s got a pair of awe and wonder glasses on.


Everywhere he looks…He’s inspired! He’s in a state of inspiration. He just can’t believe the beauty of it all. He says go forth and Do, Do, Do and all he knows is Yes, Yes, Yes. He doesn’t know fear; he is an explorer. He doesn’t believe in rejection, only in flowing. Everywhere he looks he says yes, and everything that happens he is one with. He is Unbelievable. He is AWEsome!

Which guy are you going to be?

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