The Essence of the Ladies Man

A Lady’s man doesn’t have a single type.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, black hair, olive skin, he’s attracted to all types.

He’s attracted to tall women, shorter women, thin women, fuller women.

He loves women. He loves their essence.

He loves their femininity, he follows it, he breathes it in, he lives off of it.

He doesn’t …

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criticize them or compare them to other women. He appreciates them for who they are.

He doesn’t look at what’s wrong with a woman or what’s not perfect.

He moves beyond judgment and gets into a state of appreciation

ANY woman can be an amazing woman.

Men who say, “This is my type,” or, “that’s my type,” they’re usually very egotistical. ¬†They are constantly categorizing and classifying what other people will like or they look at women as objects to obtain, Instead of beings to share love, affection, energy, good times, pleasure, and amazing beautiful moments.

The essence of a lady’s man is to explore. It is to be intoxicated by a woman’s femininity and energy and energy exchange.

The essence of a lady’s man is to appreciate, to find what there is to love about a woman, not to categorize and classify.

Follow your bliss, follow adventure, follow your creative explorative spirit, and that’s where you’ll find the essence of the lady’s man.


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