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John Keegan on Mansome: HOW TO APPROACH ANY WOMAN

John Keegan on Mansome: HOW TO APPROACH ANY WOMAN   Click the Link to Watch John give Mansome Host Roger Hailes Advice on how to become a master at breaking the ice!   http://screen.yahoo.com/mansome-145-approach-woman-050000459.html   Dating coach John Keegan teaches Roger Hailes how to become a Cassanova. Practice makes perfect, so make sure to speak…

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The Dating Coach on Spike Tv (episode 2 of 2)

In this Episode I guide Luke H. Simmons host of Spike Tv’s Man to Man past some limiting beliefs, through a little anxiety, and ultimately into a conversation with an attractive women. Watch as Luke breaks the ice in New York City’s Washington Square Park.

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Awaken To An Enlightened Relationship

Everyone knows there’s more to dating than meets the eye, but after you meet John Keegan, you’ll learn that there’s more to a dating coach, too. With a degree in psychology, a dream of acting, and a passion for spiritual books, John Keegan headed to New York City, and, along the way, founded his mission: “to meet, connect and build relationships in more meaningful ways, with new people, in everyday situations.”

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She’s Says I’ll Take Your Number…Now What?

The worst thing to do is allow her to take your number. Even though the girl enjoys your company and finds you to be attractive, she’s often says, “Well, I’ll take your number.” Maybe it’s a sign she feels like this is weird, or that she doesn’t want to appear easy to get. Maybe she’s not quite comfortable with you yet. Rather than looking at it as some kind of test,

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